We recycle wasted energy and by-products for industry, agriculture and government.

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Energy Recovery

Materials Recycling

Do you distribute steam, flare gas or vent hot exhaust ? As an independent power producer, we pay to install and maintain turbines, engines and boilers.  Our equipment converts your wasted energy into low-cost electricity.

Our projects recover value from your lost energy, at no cost to you.  Use low-price power which is produced at your own facility:  cut your utility costs while boosting your sustainability profile.

Do you landfill large-volume waste streams?  We redirect your food waste, plastics, biomass or other by-products to a lower-cost, reliable, sustainable end use.

Do you operate a kiln or a digester?   Ask us about alternate fuels or organic wastes in your area. 

Planning a new facility?   We will locate and contract for the feedstock you need to launch your project.